Harsh Kapadia

Harsh Kapadia

Full Stack Web Developer

Harsh Kapadia


I am Harsh Kapadia (He/Him), a Full Stack Web Developer, the Founder of Our Tech Community and a Speaker.

I love communities and thoroughly enjoy learning, interacting with people and helping people.

I find Git and Computer Networking pretty interesting and love planning and building projects! Go through my blog and some of my Web Dev resources.

I try to be as inclusive as I can and am an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.

I am also a GitHub Campus Expert.

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Git Graph
Git Graph

A web app to visualize the Directed Acyclic Graph that Git creates to connect Commit, Tree and Blob objects internally.

Give it the .git directory of a repository and it will automatically generate the graph.

React.js, GitHub Pages
Git Internals
Git Internals

A PWA exploring the internals of Git.

It explores the contents of the .git directory, the contents of the Commit, Tree and Blob objects in Git and the connections between the Git Objects.

Asciidoctor Jet, GitHub Pages

A PWA and TWA for Git and GitHub concepts and commands.

It has 500+ installs on the Google Play Store and 90+ stars on GitHub.

Asciidoctor Jet, GitHub Pages
OTC CatchUp
OTC CatchUp

A web app for OTC CatchUp sessions.

It is used to host session summaries and manage project showcases and meet joining links.

Node.js, Asciidoctor Jet, Shell, HTML, CSS, JS, Deta Base, Deta
HPS Gems
HPS Gems

A JAMstack e-Commerce CRUD web app for selling raw gemstones.

It uses the Fetch API to connect with the PHP API and the Web Components API to optimize rendering products.

It is also available as an Android app called HYS Gems built using React Native.

Asciidoctor Jet
Asciidoctor Jet

A ready-to-use jet black themed template for building static web sites using Asciidoctor.

It has features such as PWA support, theme switcher, image lazy loading, 'Back to Top' button, etc. in addition to the default Asciidoctor template.

Asciidoctor, CSS, JS, GitHub Pages
NanoNets' OCR SDK
NanoNets' OCR SDK

An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Node.js SDK for NanoNets' REST API as a part of an internship.

It supports both, ES Modules and CommonJS.

Node.js, JS, npm
Preview Markdown
Preview Markdown

A web app that renders GitHub-styled markdown live.

It supports GitHub's light and dark themed Markdown rendering.

React.js, CSS, GitHub Pages
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NanoNet Technologies Inc.
Software Intern
Aug 2021 - Nov 2021
GRT Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
Software Testing Intern
Dec 2019



Git Basics - The basics of Git and GitHub!
Git Internals - How Does Git Work!?
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Our Tech Community

Our Tech Community (OTC) is a Tech-loving open-to-all community that I founded in January 2020.

We completed two years on the 24th of Jan 2022! Feel free to read a summary of what we achieved in two years.

We are a community of 300+ members. (Join us on Telegram!)

We conduct informal technical discussions called OTC CatchUp every week. Read our session summaries and feel free to join in!