Harsh Kapadia

Harsh Kapadia

Software Developer

Harsh Kapadia


I am Harsh Kapadia (he/him), a Software Developer. I have a keen interest in Web Development, Computer Networking, Git and communities.

I have been enjoying learning more about computers at my current role as a Field Applications Engineer at AMD, while trying to lead a more disciplined and balanced life.

I like building projects, talking about my learnings in Tech, and writing about Git and Networking protocols like TCP, SSH, TLS and Homa.

I started Our Tech Community (OTC) four years ago and we regularly conduct events for all of us to learn more! Apart from that, I am a GitHub Campus Expert as well.

I love reading books, listening to music, watching YouTube and Bird Watching!

Feel free to get in touch with me!

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Inc.
Field Applications Engineer
Jan 2024 - present
Austin, USA (In-person)


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Inc.
Field Applications Engineering Intern
May 2023 - Aug 2023
Austin, USA (In-person)
NanoNet Technologies Inc.
Software Intern
Aug 2021 - Nov 2021
GRT Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
Software Testing Intern
Dec 2019
Mumbai, India (In-person)


Git Graph
Git Graph

A web app to visualize the graphs that Git creates to connect Commit, Tree and Blob objects internally.

Takes an existing repository to generate graph visualizations for local branches and allows highlighting specific commits.

React.js, GitHub Pages
Performance Comparison of TCP Versions
Performance Comparison of TCP Versions

Compared Congestion Window size responses of TCP Reno, TCP CUBIC, TCP Vegas and TCP BBR to network congestion.

Compared the fairness of two TCP versions running simultaneously on the same connection.

GENI, Shell, R
Git Internals
Git Internals

A PWA documenting and explaining the internals of Git.

Explains the contents of the .git directory and the connections between Commit, Tree and Blob objects.

Asciidoctor Jet, GitHub Pages
OTC CatchUp
OTC CatchUp

Created a web app for managing weekly OTC CatchUp Tech discussion sessions.

Hosts session summaries created using Asciidoctor Jet and manages session joining links using Deta Base.

Currently helping manage active Open Source contributions to the project.

Node.js (Express.js), Asciidoctor Jet, Shell, HTML, CSS, JS, Deta
HPS Gems
HPS Gems

A JAMstack e-Commerce CRUD web app for selling raw gemstones.

Users can add items to their cart, place orders and view their shopping history and profile.

Uses the Fetch API to connect with the PHP API and uses the Web Components API to optimize rendering products.

Also available as an Android app called HYS Gems built using React Native.

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Git Internals - How Does Git Work!?
Git Basics - The basics of Git and GitHub!
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Our Tech Community

Our Tech Community (OTC) is a Tech-loving open-to-all community that I started in January 2020.

We conduct regular online and in-person events for all of us to learn more from each other! We are now a community of over 500 members. We have conducted over 170 online events, talks and workshops, over four in-person meetups with more than 70 attendees each and several other collaborations. More details can be found in OTC's four year roundup.

Explore our events and join us!

OTC CatchUp Google Meet screenshot
OTC CatchUp

Weekly open-to-all online sessions to discuss various technologies and showcase projects. We have held over 170 sessions. Join in!

OTC MeetUp group picture
OTC MeetUp

In-person meet ups to hold technical talks, meet new people and have good conversations!

OTC Talks Google Meet screenshot
OTC Talks

A series of lightning talks on Tech-related topics.


TSEC Hacks
2020 - 2022
TSEC, Mumbai, India (In-person)
Mentor and Judge
2022 & 2023
MIT, Boston, USA (In-person)
BostonHacks 2022
Speaker and Mentor
Nov 2022
BU, Boston, USA (In-person)
TechTogether Boston 2022
Speaker, Mentor and Judge
Oct 2022
BU, Boston, USA (In-person)
HackHarvard 2023
Oct 2023
Harvard, Boston, USA (In-person)